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Welcome to MyFlyPal, an easy to use portal for new and student pilots offering information, guidance, assistance and fun.


Student Pilot Training  

Briefing Room

Learning Assistance. We've got some videos to inspire you on route to your license and to provide some support for key elements of the syllabus. Also there is a 'question generator' to allow you to practice for your Ground Exams. Good luck.

Where Student Pilots Socialise  

The Clubhouse

Come and have a few beers in the Clubhouse after your flight! Update your profile, earn your stars and apply for the Wall of Pride! You can even add stuff to the noticeboard.

Rate an Airfield  

Control Tower

Rate an Airfield! Got something good or bad to say about your local airfield ...or any airfield? Let other pilots know whether they should visit or aviod. All reviews are strictly anonnymous.

Pilot Profiles  

Create Your Pilot Profile

Become part of MyFlyPal. Your very own file of experience. Upload a profile pic, earn your stars and check how your friends are progressing.

Residential Flight School  

Residential Flight School

By setting aside time for our Integrated NPPL(M) Training Course you will be able to qualify in 3 weeks. Our training facilities are second to none. A modern fleet of Eurostar and Ikarus aircraft, fully equipped with GPS and Mode S transponders.

Residential Ground School  

Residential Ground School

Learning to fly safely is more than just learning to control the aircraft in flight. You need a true understanding of all the theory subjects to be a good pilot.

Guidance, Information and Fun for Student Pilots

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